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Surf School

Come and surf in the beautiful Lhoknga and Lampuuk beaches, it just take 30 minutes out from Banda Aceh. The area offers a range of breaks and it’s almost great all year round!. However the best swell comes into it’s own from October through to May, where you can enjoy tackling world class waves alone or get lessons […]

Banyak Islands ‘Special Food’!

These gonna be my first and last try eating it. I’ve been hearing the story about some ‘special food’ in the Banyak Islands which I never had before and never imagine to eat one. Great cookers at islands told me that ‘special food’ only cook for special occasion and highly appreciate the person. One of […]

Sea Turtle Patrol

World famous sea turtle conservation site – help support their natural nesting sites – every night of the year. Try boogie boarding before sunset, take a night forest stroll, join in on the ‘turtle patrol’, and if you’re lucky you might walk in the ‘sparkling sands’ illuminated by glowing plankton as the turquoise light dances […]

Kayaking in Riverside

Only half an hour from Banda Aceh city, beautifully green river awaits you for easy going kayaking up the calm river system cutting through beautiful green mountains – a great way to quietly explore Aceh. Kayaking What’s included in this trip? Start and Finish: : Banda Aceh. Day : 1 Day. Physical Need : Medium. […]


The wildlife and wild lands of Aceh need you now more than ever. Your gift today will go directly to work helping us protect some of Aceh’s rarest species. Plus, you will support our efforts to empower the people of Aceh to lead in conserving their natural heritage. We understand that some people cannot take […]

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We love our work and we can see the passion of people who support us (including you!). We unashamedly encourage you to take our product back to your community, so you can also spread the energy and passion that we hope you feel while travelling with us! Our Products Acknowledgment The prices above are including […]


Get Aceh offers you unique trips and guided tours to experience the treasured and exciting opportunities of traveling in Aceh! Nothing can beat jumping in and getting to know the local culture, wildlife and ecosystems. Get Aceh helps valuable conservation projects that are supported both directly and indirectly by your trips – your energy, passion […]