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Banyak Islands ‘Special Food’!

These gonna be my first and last try eating it. I’ve been hearing the story about some ‘special food’ in the Banyak Islands which I never had before and never imagine to eat one. Great cookers at islands told me that ‘special food’ only cook for special occasion and highly appreciate the person. One of […]

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How to dress respectfully…

Visa… check, ticket… check, itinerary…. check, awesome trip booked with Get Aceh…. Check!! Now, what to pack? Being prepared for the culture you about to be immersed in is important and being aware of the difference in clothing norms will go a long way towards helping you feel at ease and welcomed in your holiday […]

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Why support local producers?

When going on holiday, whether as researchers or tourists, did you realise that by buying local products, it allows us to make a deeper connection with the local community? I remember every time I went to the traditional markets to buy vegetables, fruit, eggs, rice or meat… the sellers will always want to share their story. It let […]

Conservation Action

Aceh is famed for The Last Place on Earth where 5 big mammals living in one place; Tigers, Rhinos, Elephants, Sun Bear and Orang-utans. This beautiful place also offering wide landscape, six scpeciests of turtles, unique traditional dance, humid air, and charming ocean. While at the same time facing increase threats as in other parts […]

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Most tourism in natural areas today is not ecotourism and is not, therefore, sustainable. Ecotourism is distinguished by its emphasis on conservation, education, traveler responsibility and active community participation. Increased tourism to sensitive natural areas with appropriate planning-management can threaten the integrity of ecosystem & local cultures. The increase of visitors to ecologically sensitive areas […]

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Why Travel with Get Aceh?

A Different Way to Travel We believe a responsible, long-term vision can deliver true sustainability. We work hand-to-hand with community to arrange your trip as best we can. Price and Value At Get Aceh, every trip you take is valuable for community development and wildlife sustainability.  The price of it is fraction of the value. […]

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The iconic Sumatran Elephant

Long time previously, a traveler from England comes to Aceh on 1637 and he saw Sultan ride an elephant, a huge-strong elephant wearing a dome made of tambacca, alloys of gold and coppers. Sultan Iskandar Muda is the exalted Sultan, he wise, firm, authoritative and have a gorgeous weapon ever – 900 elephants troops.  Those […]