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Most tourism in natural areas today is not ecotourism and is not, therefore, sustainable. Ecotourism is distinguished by its emphasis on conservation, education, traveler responsibility and active community participation.

Increased tourism to sensitive natural areas with appropriate planning-management can threaten the integrity of ecosystem & local cultures. The increase of visitors to ecologically sensitive areas can lead to significant environmental degradation. Likewise, local communities and indigenous cultures can be harmed in numerous ways by an influx of foreign visitors and wealth.

However, this same growth creates significant opportunities for both conservation and local communities. Ecotourism can provide much-needed revenues for the protection of national parks and other natural areas also provide a viable economic development alternative for local communities with few other income-generating options.


Moreover, ecotourism can increase the level of education and activism among travellers, making them more enthusiastic and effective agents of conservation.

So that’s. Please ask your eco-travel service (lodges/operator/etc) what kind of eco-travel they do. Be a smart traveler!

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