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first Get Aceh guest testimonial

paul hilton with getaceh

Thank you so much for this testimonial, we never expect it.

Here we go, first Get Aceh guest testimonial:

“As an award-winning journalist/photographer team, we have worked and travelled extensively throughout Asia, reporting from some of the wildest, most remote and dangerous places on earth.

Our work is tough – being out in the field for weeks, sometimes months on end in extremely challenging conditions. With ever-present deadlines and a high standard of professionalism, we are exceptionally demanding of our fixers, guides, interpreters. Pushing them to the extremes of physical and mental exhaustion in highly stressful – often sleepless – situations, if a guide team can work successfully with us, they can work with anyone.

For the team at Get Aceh, we cannot praise them enough. They went beyond the call of duty, trekking with us through thick, hostile jungle, carrying heavy photographic equipment, and dealing with the kinds of government bureaucracy and remote local logistics that would force many others to give up. They never gave up.

Not once did they complain. Not once did they fail us. If it were not for our talented fixer and her dedicated driver, we would have been lost – literally – in Aceh. There is no way we could not have completed our mission without them.

It is with no hesitation that we recommend the team at Get Aceh to any prospective tourist, traveller, business venturer or fellow journalist/photographer. While there is no doubt they gained valuable experience in working with us to our demanding schedule, the truth is, we probably learned more from them – and the people of Aceh – than we could ever have hoped.

We have now formed an on-going working relationship with Get Aceh, and continue to work with them throughout the region and other parts of Indonesia. We are more than happy to put our name to this company, and thank them for their valuable help each and every time we visit or call.

Thanks guys! You showed the kind of patience, tolerance, sensitivity and initiative that we believe puts you right up there with the very best people we have ever worked with. You deserve all these words and more.

Good luck, and we’ll see you next time we’re in your part of the world – it is a truly beautiful and hidden natural paradise that we hope can be preserved for all to come. We admire you for your relentless conservation work, and wish you every success.


Cortlan Bennett and Paul Hilton.


Here if you want to know more about their works:

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