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How to dress respectfully…

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Visa… check, ticket… check, itinerary…. check, awesome trip booked with Get Aceh…. Check!! Now, what to pack?

Being prepared for the culture you about to be immersed in is important and being aware of the difference in clothing norms will go a long way towards helping you feel at ease and welcomed in your holiday destination. And of course, it may additionally help avoid unwanted attention.

Aceh have 3 different tribes; Acehnese, Gayo and Karo. Each of them has a different way of life but they have the same way dress to wear – women wear headscarves and wear long sleeved shirts and men mostly wear long pants.

Locals can recognize westerners and their style but they hold more respect for those entering their communities respectfully, wearing clothes appropriate to the local culture and therefore similar to locals. It’s okay to wear shorts on the islands and by the beach but in a city like Banda Aceh we recommend you keep your legs and shoulders covered.

Our experiences teach us if you dress similarly to the locals and always keep in mind that you are a guest, doors will open, your travel will be easier, and your experiences richer. People will offer you the respect you have offered them. Stay local and have fun!

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