How To Support


The wildlife and wild lands of Aceh need you now more than ever. Your gift today will go directly to work helping us protect some of Aceh’s rarest species. Plus, you will support our efforts to empower the people of Aceh to lead in conserving their natural heritage.

We understand that some people cannot take trips with us but remain eager to help, so we also offer the opportunity for you to donate to our local causes.

Your donation will go directly for Community Rangers in the:

  • Leuser Ecosystem
  • Pulau Bangkaru (Turtle Island)
  • Ulu Masen Ecosystem

Which helps them to sustain the programs they are operating.


Each month we will distribute the donations we have received and report this on our website as well as how we have distributed the donations this month through a graphic report. Further more, those making donations will receive a personal email reporting our distribution progress reports.

We also like to say thank you to those donating and show our gratitude by highlighting your name on our website!

How to transfer

At this point in time we only receive bank transfers:

CITY : Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia
Account holder’s name : Ferry Gelunny Putra
Account number : 900 – 00 – 2672652 – 2

Please ensure to write in the description of your transfer DONATION.

Important: For accountability, please contact us via form below after you made a donation and we will email you the receipt.

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