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We love our work and we can see the passion of people who support us (including you!). We unashamedly encourage you to take our product back to your community, so you can also spread the energy and passion that we hope you feel while travelling with us! Our Products Acknowledgment The prices above are including […]


Get Aceh offers you unique trips and guided tours to experience the treasured and exciting opportunities of traveling in Aceh! Nothing can beat jumping in and getting to know the local culture, wildlife and ecosystems. Get Aceh helps valuable conservation projects that are supported both directly and indirectly by your trips – your energy, passion […]

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Why support local producers?

When going on holiday, whether as researchers or tourists, did you realise that by buying local products, it allows us to make a deeper connection with the local community? I remember every time I went to the traditional markets to buy vegetables, fruit, eggs, rice or meat… the sellers will always want to share their story. It let […]