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The iconic Sumatran Elephant

agam sumatran elephant in Saree

Long time previously, a traveler from England comes to Aceh on 1637 and he saw Sultan ride an elephant, a huge-strong elephant wearing a dome made of tambacca, alloys of gold and coppers.

Sultan Iskandar Muda is the exalted Sultan, he wise, firm, authoritative and have a gorgeous weapon ever – 900 elephants troops.  Those troops are well cared – covering with plush fabric, wearing a dome, in some occasion their wearing diamonds, got enough food and water. Those troops are used for army and guard, in some case they are used for welcoming honor guests.

Sultan using elephants as prides weapon because they huge, strong, have an incredible memory and amazing powers of communication, they are also gentle, nurturing, their trust in those they love, including humans.

It’s humbling, what is happening today so much more painful to have to witness.


Territory: who own the place?

Territory now becomes a problem. Twenty-five years previously elephant and human still live in harmony; human do human things and elephants stay on their territory. But like other mammals, human reproduce and looking other place to live. It’s fine..until..they live in elephants territory.

Sumatra rainforest contains sumatran tigers, elephants, orang utans, rhinos, and others rich biodiversity inside in only 2,2 million hectars which is too small for them. On those ecosystem lives human inside – looking for livelihood. They make a rice field and plantation for live, but elephants see that as a grass – a snack. Who don’t like a snack?

Imagine you are walking to your room, then you see your favorite snack on table don’t you think to grab it then walk again to your room? Then somebody – whom you don’t even give them permits to stay in your home – shoot you because you eat the snack!

But now, communities in protected ecosystem area see elephants as pest.

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