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Why support local producers?

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When going on holiday, whether as researchers or tourists, did you realise that by buying local products, it allows us to make a deeper connection with the local community?

I remember every time I went to the traditional markets to buy vegetables, fruit, eggs, rice or meat… the sellers will always want to share their story. It let me understand their position in this though life, learn about their experience, and made me feel comfortable during the journey. Meeting sellers in tradional markets become one of my favorites things to do while visiting places.

In the initial stages of Get Aceh’s life, we often purchased our snacks from supermarket – peanuts, chips and fruit bar. Then we found that we contributed to the amount of rubbish being produced, so we think about it again on the next trip: how to reduce the amount of trash in every stage of the holiday.

By buying local product, we realize that we are not only reducing the amount of trash but also invest in the community and encourage local prosperity. If the demand of product rises then quality of production will also follow, we believe this activity is going to support quality of product and quantity of production.

To buy local product means we are being a local ourselves!

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