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Why Travel with Get Aceh?

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A Different Way to Travel

We believe a responsible, long-term vision can deliver true sustainability. We work hand-to-hand with community to arrange your trip as best we can.

Price and Value

At Get Aceh, every trip you take is valuable for community development and wildlife sustainability.  The price of it is fraction of the value.

Lifetime Deposit

By its very nature adventure travel involves an elements of the unexpected. In remote and developing countries sometimes-unpredictable things happen. We design this to protect you from unexpected things that may cause your trip cancel or delay. If you need to cancel, your initial deposit will remain securely on file until you’re ready to use it or you can pass it on to anyone you choose. You are also welcome to donate it to our non-profit organization partner for good.


From small boat, becak, car, and motorbike – every mile we take on our journey will bring impact to environment. Get Aceh calculate every mile of the pollution we produce and convert it into tree or reef planting.


From unique homestay, hotel, camping at the beach, or sleep under the stars in hills; our option will provide you the most way to reflect the local character and spirit of our journey.

Small Group

A big role of the experience is our small group trip, to lowering negative impact of travel and intimate interaction between traveler – community – natures. On average there are about 4 travellers on one of our trip – the maximum is usually never more than 10.

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